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A warm welcome to our winery

Arrive, take a deep breath and let the enjoyment begin – the perfect way to start your well-deserved holiday here with us. We are second-generation hosts with a passion for hospitality who are always striving to ensure your well-being and satisfaction.

Since 2012, we, Doris and Karl, have been running the business with our daughter Lena. From this moment onwards, we poured a great deal of dedication and heart into transforming the guest house into an oasis of well-being. The unique location of our establishment with the fantastic view over Lake Neusiedl is a gift that we absolutely love to share with our guests.

The view of the lake

Not only can you bask in a fantastic view of Lake Neusiedl from our guest house, it is also the ideal spot for starting your activities and coming back to rest at the end of the day. Each of the modern, comfortable rooms has a special name and features a colour scheme and furnishing that reflects the unique nature of the Pannonian Region.

The view of the mountain

Our vineyards are located – as we in the lowlands like to say – on the mountain. On the Jungenberg mountain, on the Leitha Mountains and on their foothills. Though Alpine enthusiasts would call it more of a big hill, for us winegrowers, these slopes are the best thing there is. For the terroir of these mountains gives our grapes everything they need in order to inspire once in the bottle.

The view ahead

Each day, your holiday begins with a fabulous view of the seemingly endless Lake Neusiedl.

After you pause briefly to enjoy the moment, you can tuck into our varied breakfast buffet with plenty of regional delicacies.


Taste your way through our wines

From the best vineyards in Burgenland.

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